Open Flow Experience (OFE) is an entrepreneurial venture established in India (LLP) and Canada (Inc). The firm was conceived against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world where environmental solutions and human effectiveness need greater acceleration and focus.

The firm provides advisory and training on these key streams:

  • Environment and Ecology
  • Creativity and Effectiveness
  • Openness and Flow


Viraal Balsari and Dipan Vaishnav, both seasoned industry professionals joined forces to form the LLP in India. Viraal Balsari and Komal Mangaonkar then established the Inc. in Canada. OFE caters to a global audience, providing services internationally.

Viraal Balsari
Viraal Balsari

Founder and Managing Partner

Viraal Balsari is a practitioner in sustainability and strategy, having worked across research, consulting, sustainable banking and civil society. His experience spans twenty-eight years and entails geographies such as India, Scandinavia and the U.K. Organisational affiliations include ABN AMRO India, Harvard Business School (IRC), TERI, PwC and Dansk Energi Management. Viraal holds an M.Sc in Energy Management from the Norwegian School of Management and a B.A in Economics and Sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Holistic management is his forte. He is passionate about nature and people and "openness" and "flow" as mantras for growth and success. This is augmented by a keen interest in "energy" and "vibration" and in the dynamic, unfolding universe. Viraal Balsari is also Partner - Strategy & Sustainability, India & International in an Indo-Danish water conservation firm, ecoBETA Consult a LLP – www.ecobeta.in

Dipan Vaishnav
Dipan Vaishnav


Dipan Vaishnav is an Executive Coach, Organisation Designer and a practicing HR professional. Over the last thirty years, he has worked with and impacted Fortune 500 companies across Pharma, Life Insurance and Automotive sectors. Having successfully worked at various levels and functions in organisations such as Eli Lilly, Max New York Life and TATA Motors, he has gained an all-round perspective of these businesses. Over time he has impacted over 100,000 people, trained over 20,000 and personally coached over 400. He is a passionate photographer and has a keen interest in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

Komal Mangaonkar
Komal Mangaonkar


Komal Mangaonkar a professional Data and Business Analyst, has applied herself in a variety of industries, including consulting, steel, automobile, supply chain and the circular economy. She has worked in India and Canada for almost a decade. Komal believes that in today's fast-changing world, data is essential for business decisions as well as new currency. She is keen on using data to provide key insights informing business decisions and strategy. Komal is also fascinated by the growing axis of technology, sustainability and the circular economy which necessitates a new kind of manager and fresh, adaptive skills. Komal holds an MBA as well as a higher degree in Information Technology. Her muses are music and yoga and the outdoors. She lives in Toronto, Canada.


OFE advocates a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing on environment, spirituality, science, change management, human resources and interconnectedness. We recognise the universal shifts taking place and assist our clients to adapt by sharpening strategy, enhancing human resources and triggering awareness and action for greater effectiveness.

This entails knowledge and tools geared to the following core approaches:

  • Living / Thriving in a "hybrid reality" - understanding and working with diverse forces
  • Mindfulness / Learning to be "open" - operating from a place of openness
  • Tapping "flow" - being aware and becoming fluid
  • Creative spirit–harnessing human potential and achievement
  • Experience–experiential immersion, connecting the dots

Our services and programmes are offered to seers, groups of individuals, foundations, corporates and B-Schools / Universities and entail;

  • Research
  • Sensitisation & Training Programmes
  • Advisory and Consulting
  • Thematic Development
  • Projects & Internships

Business Hours

India LLP - 9 am to 5.30 pm India time, Monday to Friday.

Canada Inc. - 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Government declared holidays in both countries are observed.


Open Flow Experience caters to varied constituents, ranging from individuals and NGOs to companies. We also service Indian and international clients. Accordingly, we charge diffential fees which are competitive, value and market driven. Any prospect interested in understanding our pricing approach is requested to kindly contact us.


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